Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Working with SQLite with both VS2012 and VS2010

I’ve recently started building a new component that needs database access, and when once again faced with a choice of database technology (the existing codebase is using SQL CE 3.5) I chose SQLite this time, for the following reasons

  • SQLCE can’t seem to work with the entity framework and create autonumbered entries
  • SQLite is supported on other platforms.

So, I began designing my tables, following the instructions here:

I downloaded the 32 bit installer for VS2010, and installed it, but was surprised to find that VS2012 support wasn’t included, so I downloaded the vs2012 installer too, and installed that, using the defaults of the installer.

That didn’t work, giving me errors when I tried to open the VS2012 designer, so I uninstalled from Programs & Features and started again with the 2012 installer.

That then worked for 2012, but no support was installed for VS2010 this time.  So, I ran the installer again for VS2010, and made sure to change the installation folder to something other than the defaults.

And then it worked.

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