Sunday, 27 October 2013

Error 0x80073CFF trying to install apps from Windows 8.1 store

Yesterday, I finally go round to trying to update the apps on my wife’s computer, and found that the Windows Phone app wouldn’t update, and returned the error


Looking that up, it says that you need to have a developer license.

That’s a bit odd, because, that app isn’t being sideloaded, it’s being loaded from the store.

However, I hadn’t debugged on her machine for awhile, and as a result, it transpires that my developer license had expired.  Acquiring a new license magically fixed the problem.

It appears that removing the license might also have fixed the job.

You can do that with powershell by using this command (source

C:\PS> Unregister-WindowsDeveloperLicense


  1. Need to have this bumped - other google returns aren't helpful, this solved my mysterious inability to install from the Windows Store!

  2. This fixed my issue as well.

  3. Aquiring a developer licence also solve my issue - the "People Calendar and Mail" app would not install properly in Windows 10 Technical Preview.