Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sky High CPU Usage for Explorer on Windows 8.1

Most of today was spent trying to track down why one of my PCs was running so slowly.

I set up a scan of my pc to try and track it down with defender, but it ran for hours, and still had only completed 20% of the scan.

I also noticed that a network drive (containing music and photos) was also seeking a lot, and there didn’t appear to be anything actively opening the files.

So I started the sysinternals process explorer, and confirmed that the music and photos folders on that network drive were indeed being accessed.

Eventually I tracked it down to change I made about a year ago to do with the music and photos app.

I’d created a symbolic link to the network locations from c:/apps/network/music and c:/apps/network/photos to the network locations.

I’d then added these locations to the network.  Apparently I’d also set them to be available offline too, and then added them to the respective libraries.

After the update, it appeared that the afflicted machine was attempting to sync all of the files from the network to my local drive, and while progress was being made, it still hadn’t completed.

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