Thursday, 30 July 2015

How to install VS2015 Community

If you have more than one machine, you may not want to wait for every package to download over and over again.  Here’s how you can get an image on your PC

First head on over to

Click on Download Community Free, which will save a file onto your PC named vs_community.exe

Then open a command prompt and run the program with the /Layout argument.

That will download everything onto your PC.

Did you do this before the SDK was released?

I tried installing the standalone SDK, but unfortunately, that didn’t update VS2015 to include the Windows 10 portions.

However, I found that you could get the SDK by running the /Layout argument again and extracting to the same location.  If you then run the setup again, you’ll get the the options for installing the universal tools and the SDK.

I did this after I uninstalled VS2015 though.  You may not need to do that step.

After the download completes

Now just run the vs-community exe again and choose your installation options.

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