Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What Broke My App This Time? The XAML Editor

In one of my base classes, I implement a handler for a particular event.

The idea was that I have have a certain set of things I always want to do in my framework when the bottom appbar opens.

So I took one of the classes, typed Opened=”BottomAppBarOpened” into the xaml editor on the BottomAppBar, and then right clicked and chose Goto Definition.

That opens the code behind and implements the method.

I then cut the method from there, and pasted into the base class, changed it to a protected virtual, and thought “Bob’s my uncle” (he is, actually)

So, that was weeks ago.  Today, I was looking for that code, and clicked Goto Definition.

This time, I got a new private implementation (just like the first time, naturally), that hid the virtual function.

As a result, I’ve now changed my code so each class that has this, implements the method and calls the base class implementation.  It’s a shame the editor can’t see the inherited signatures, and jump to that instead.

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