Friday, 17 May 2013

What an obscure bug - Why doesn’t my app work on wp8 (part 2 of n)

We’ve just submitted a new update for Skied Demon, our GPS logger for Windows Phone, and while testing by cycling, we noticed that the top speeds weren’t updating.

But we also noticed that this only happened on Windows Phone 8.  The exact same program running on WP7 works fine.

Originally, we thought there was some problem with our data notifications, and then we noticed that the updates failed only after running behind the lock screen.

It turns out, that on WP8, calls to Obscured and Unobscured events are not balanced as they were on WP7.  Why exactly my app would care that it’s been obscured even though it’s already had the message is a bit beyond me, but that’s the way the new API rolls, I guess.

We’ve now submitted an update to the store.

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