Saturday, 4 May 2013

A discrepancy between the solution’s source control information

Yes, I’ve been battling with my source control provider (Source Safe) and Visual Studio 2012 Pro.  I add my solution to source control with the menu item, and everything appears fine.

However, when I close my solution and then reopen it, I get this gem:


I’ve tried reconstructing my project from scratch, and keep bumping into this problem or variants of it.

Searching the net doesn’t really turn up much helpful.

After 5 hours, I’ve finally found what appears to be the problem.  In each .vcxproj and .vcproj you’ll find a line like this:

<SccProjectName>"%24/Products/WPF/education/DesktopTerminator.root/DesktopTerminator", FAUAAAAA</SccProjectName>

The problem is the %24.  Changing it manually to $ fixes the problem!  To fix it, right click each project, select unload, then select Edit, and make the changes, then select reload.

Now it turns out there is some other chatter about it here on social.msdn and here on connect

Notice that on connect it will be fixed in the next major version of Visual Studio.  So, for now, keep editing those projects.


  1. People are still using SourceSafe?!

  2. Works like a charm! Solved my problem.


  3. It looks like this has now been fixed in VS2013!