Tuesday, 12 June 2012

WPF window rendering woes

Today, I started adding some functionality to a new WPF app, and noticed that as I resized my window to be larger, there were black strips appearing on the bottom and right sides of the client area, that were eventually filled with the controls on the page.

This looked horrible, and it appears I’m not the first one to run across this, however, there still seems to be no resolution.

As I’m an old school MFC/C++ guy, I figured there had to be a way to do this.

My first strategy was to hook in a new WndProc handler, and process WM_ERASEBKGND messages.  I thought, claiming I’d erased it would do the job, but that made no difference.

So, I actually implemented code to fill the clip region with the WINDOW_COLOR brush, and that did fix the problem.  No more black edges, but that was all a little bit unsatisfactory.  What I really wanted to do was register my own class for the WPF window, and set the background brush correctly to match the window.

That doesn’t appear to be possible, but it is possible to PInvoke and call SetClassLong on the background brush.

So my preferred solution is set the class background brush, and watch WPF draw it correctly. It appears that WPF creates a new class for each application so this should be safe, though if it’s not the previously described solution would definitely work.

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