Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Silverlight Toolkit Nov 2011 installer borked

If like me, you’re using the Silverlight Toolkit, and installed the November 2011 installer and are shipping, there’s a problem you probably want to know about.  You may have suspected something was wrong, in that it actually installed into an October or August folder originally.  Read on…

My stack trace matched the one reported here:

I was getting crashes in Context menu, and decompiled the Toolkit.dll I was shipping, and was surprised to find that some null checks were missing in the decompile compared to the source code that was shipped in the same install.

As a result, I downloaded the 71382 source, and rebuilt, and found the decompile now matches.

My conclusion: The dll's installed with that build are faulty. I’ve uploaded my build here

Don’t think removing and adding a reference is all you need to do either

I tried that, and the old Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit.dll was still the one built into my xap file, and it kept pointing to the old one in the original folder, despite adding a reference to the new file.

In the end, I needed to manually delete the dll from the bin/Release and bin/Debug folders.

Addendum 19/April/2012

@windcape (Claus Jørgensen) suggested I learn to use NuGet, and he’s right.  Nuget does deliver a more up to date package.  Get the toolkit here:

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