Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Silverlight Toolkit ListPicker changes

After my post about a week ago, about the Silverlight Toolkit November 2011 installer installing the wrong version I took some advice and started using NuGet.

So, as I’ve been updating my apps, I’ve begun adding the references to the latest toolkit.  Today, I came across a breaking change (I’ve switched from Version 1.0 to Version 7.0 of the toolkit in one jump) in the ListPicker.

My first clue should have been that ItemCountThreshold="3" raised an error, so I removed it, as the new threshold is consistent with my application.

Then I noticed that my picker page seemed to have a different font from the version of our Chromatic Tuner for Windows Phone: Tune Up that’s released on Marketplace.

It turns out, the ListPicker now navigates to a new page, which raised another bug in our software, because previously OnNavigatedTo was not called after the Picker was dismissed. 

As the program was so simple, we set the selected Item in the ListPicker irrespective of whether we were a new page, and therefore lost the new selection.


  1. This one bit me too. Did you find a ListPicker setting that maintains compatibility with the old model (and prevents the reinvoke of OnNavigatedTo)? My workaround is to check e.NavigationMode but I have to go do this for a bunch of different pages - costly and error prone.

  2. No, we recoded the program to work with the new model.

    We also sent in a few more fixes to the toolkit for a couple of other failures on the control, so hopefully no more crashes due to navigation.