Sunday, 10 November 2013

RateMyApp challenge on DVLUP code defects and gotchas

If you’re trying to run the RateMyApp challenge over at DVLUP (if you haven’t signed up, you should.  Click the link), you may be interested in a few problems I’ve stumbled across.

First, your app bar will still be active, even if the rating window is open. 

To fix that, you’ll need to wire up to the feedback controls VisibilityChanged event, and then in the handler, set

ApplicationBar.IsVisible = FeedbackOverlay.GetIsNotVisible(feedbackctrl);

Secondly, you’ll find that if you have any touch events, they may be handled as well.  This includes ListBox manipulation and scrolling, so you’ll need to turn that off in the handler too.

And finally, the bug.

If your app has multiple pages you’ll find that on the 5th and 10th run, your user will continue to be pestered every time you navigate back to the main page of your app.

To fix this, I suggest you do the following:

In FeedbackOverlay.xaml.cs add the following to the SetVisibility(bool visible) function inside the bottom of the else statement:

FeedbackHelper.Default.State = FeedbackState.Inactive;

If you don’t, the state will remain the same, even though the FeedbackOverlay was dismissed, so it will continue to be shown.

In addition, you must also change the yesButton_Click handler to SetVisibility(false) at the end of the function, rather than the beginning.

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