Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wow, that’s a tall image–Why doesn’t my app work on WP8 (part 5 of N)

I’m getting ready to port our app Where's my Tent to WP8, and as a start, I thought I’d rebuild it with the latest libraries, and incorporate some changes from our other apps.

After hooking in the new code, I ran it on my WP8 device, and had a big surprise.

On WP7, it appears that photos returned from the CameraCaptureTask are always in Landscape mode, though you can figure out what orientation they really are in using a technique described by Tim Heuer.

Unfortunately for me, my app was coded to assume Landscape, so when an image is actually delivered in portrait mode, my assumptions break due to this breaking change.

If you’ve made the same assumption, you’ll have the same problem.

I suspect Tim’s code might not work either

Because now his code that rotates the image may now fail because it returns portait, and then he rotates the pixels.

Update 17 June 2013

It turns out that on WP8, the Exif data doesn’t exist at all in the stream returned by the Photo Chooser, so Tim’s code will crash, as it doesn’t check for an exception or null.

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