Thursday, 1 November 2012

HP Machines and Windows 8

I’ve had a bad 24 hours.  I’ve been trying to get started developing for Windows Phone 8, and as a result of the new outlandish hardware requirements to do so have had to purchase a new PC.

So, I wandered down to Curry’s and picked up an  HPPavilion g6-2241sa 15.6 Laptop – Blue for £350.  I then had to get the windows pro pack to enable Hyper-V, (which I still haven’t, at the time of writing this, managed)

Alas, I’ve stumbled into the problem that Windows Update on HP machines doesn't actually work very well (if at all).  The big 190 MB update that needs to be done locks up after reboot at 13%

After nearly 12 hours talking to support, I came across this:

What I did was:

go to the windows update site, and download the updates manually: KB2764870, KB2761094, and 2756872 as well as delmigprov.exe

I then ran delmigprov

did the clean boot thing

copied the files to the desktop

and then went to device manager, and uninstalled all devices that might cause a problem (2x network, card reader, 2xaudio, and web cam).

I also manually stopped the audio services in case it was the IDT audio.After running the first 2 kb updates, I needed to reboot.

Alas, that meant I had to remove all of the devices again, and stop the services after they were installed.

Now my machine has finally booted back into windows!

I am now going to create another system restore point

Since then, I’ve added another 5 windows updates, but this time without disabling the devices.

And now another restore point, and finally install of pro-pack.

All of this seems to have worked, and I’m finally up and running after only 19 hours of work.

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  1. It appears november's update is at it again, when installing KB2770917

  2. Hmm. Finally got it to work by actually uninstalling all the drivers again, and then installing the update.

    Then, when asked to restart, I said, no, and chose shutdown instead.

    I then powered back up, but configuring windows updates didn't happen, so I went back into the device manager, and uninstalled all the devices again.

    The devices I uninstaller were:
    Web Cam
    All sound cards
    All network cards
    Memory card reader

    Then I chose restart manually, and it appears to have fixed the problem.

  3. Link to the 64 bit files here:
    Also, get the Norton Removal tool here:

    I downloaded them to a folder on my desktop.
    Every single one seems to need a reboot after installation though.

  4. Okay, here's what I did:

    Run 'msconfig.exe' via the Command Prompt >> go to 'Services' tab >> select 'Hide all Microsoft services' >> then click 'Disable all'
    Now reboot >> install the problematic updates via Windows Update, preferably one by one, then restart as necessary.
    After all updates have been installed, re-enable the original services again via msconfig.exe


    Credits to threejay

    1. I did that but it still didn't help. Uninstalling the devices (still not sure which one) was what was needed in addition to disabling non-Microsoft services.

  5. It's a total pain in the ass but the clean boot method has finally got me of this month in half aggravation. Get the stand alone installers and start with the smallest size and workup. The problem with using Windows update and installing
    them aggregately as the successful installs that don't require a reboot will be lost upon a restart/fail/revert. The reason being that the revert is really just a system restore to the point at which the update process began. Don't only disable all non Microsoft services in Msconfig but also make sure you disable all items in the task manager's start-up tab, including system ones. The first time I had a reboot configure and update to 100% I almost went into cardiac arrest. I think it would be made easier if Microsoft indicated the updates that required reboots. To put you may have to restart on every one is ridiculous.

  6. Nice post. Thank you for sharing.

  7. WHY, o WHY isn't Microsoft responding to this??? It is happening EVERYWHERE with the same update... KB2270917.
    I am unfortunately going to remember that number for the rest of my life :-(
    Microsoft.... ARE YOU OUT THERE????

  8. It seems this PC is now stuck at 87% with the windows 8.1 update...