Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Using the Snipping tool on Metro Style Apps on Windows 8

I was just about to start another blog post, and realized I had no idea how to get a snapshot of a portion of a metro Modern UI Style App screen.

The snipping tool works great, but there isn’t any way to actually see the metro app at the same time, (or so I thought, until I discovered the secret).

First start the snipping tool, by pressing the windows key, and typing snipping.


Next start your Microsoft Store App you want a snapshot of.

Now, the magic.  Press Control+Print Screen and the Snipping tool pops back on top


Finally, drag out your snipping area, just like you would on a desktop app and save the results.


  1. Cheers, that's a neat trick. However, it doesn't seem to be possible to get two snippets in a row. Once you've selected one snippet, Ctrl+Print just doesn't do anything. I always have to click New in the Snipping Tool, cancel the snippet (Esc key or Cancel button) and then go back to the Metro app for Ctrl+Print to work again.

  2. It works for me only with right ctrl, but note with the left one. Left ctrl+PrtScr only captures the full display.

  3. Is there a solution for a Windows 8 tablet (other than attaching an external keyboard). The touch keypad does not include Prt-Scr on any of the keyboard options, including the option which has a Windows key.

  4. Thanks, its very useful :)

  5. I think with a tablet, you're limited to taking a full screen image with with windows logo and volume down button. There may be a new option with the Share charm in 8.1 too.