Saturday, 19 May 2012

Don’t use NavigationOutTransition from the Toolkit

I’ve recently updated a bunch of our software at and have been noticing while demonstrating it occasionally without a data connection, that it’s possible to end up with either a blank screen or two pages shown on top of each other as a result of navigation.

I think I’ve tracked it down to a bug in the Toolkit, though I can’t work out how to fix it.

The problem arises when you are transitioning away from a page with a NavigateOutTransition, and then end up navigating back into another page (maybe the same one) before that transition has been completed.

When this happens, your program will be unhappy.

The only way I’ve found for now to fix it is remove the NavigationOutTransition elements completely from my pages.

You can follow the issue here on the Silverlight Toolkit pages:

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